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"Commitment to sustainable agricultural production" - this is the guiding principle behind the website of the Agrofutura corporation, which presents the company with its comprehensive range of services. The newly developed website is intended to display the innovative strength of the company, to create the technical prerequisites to be able to continuously maintain the documentation of current projects and references and to present itself as a competent, versatile and dynamic service provider among the relevant target groups.

The company: A mediator between agriculture, the environment and society

How can ecological and economic interests be balanced for the benefit of people and the environment in the context of a sustainable landscape? The Agrofutura Corporation supports public sector clients, non governmental organizations, private organizations and companies in finding exactly the answer to this question. With a team of 28 employees, Agrofutura works out pragmatic and practical solutions and mediates between agriculture, the environment and society.

The mission: Ease of use and visual power

In order to present news, services and project work comprehensively and up-to-date, the prerequisites were created so that all content can be easily entered and updated.
A central requirement was an appropriate state-of-art CMS with a contemporary design that reflects the values of Agrofutura.

The implementation: The best design wins and more performance than expected

Since the look and feel of the website was of particular interest to both the management and the workforce, a way had to be found to take the many different ideas into account. The path led through a multi-stage competition initiated and moderated by There were a total of around 20 different layouts to choose from. Through an online vote, a tailor-made and above all professional solution was finally found, with which all stakeholders can identify.
The technical requirements for editorial handling and maintenance of the website were comprehensively covered with a TYPO3 standard solution.
In addition, the customer received valuable impulses from for the automation and optimization of her business processes:
The TYPO3 Form Extension was used for data acquisition in order to be able to use standard forms. With the Extension News you can now easily create, manage and present current news on the website.

The result and the prospects: Satisfied visitors, employees and customers

After the launch of the site, Agrofutura received numerous positive feedbacks from interested visitors, own employees and customers.
After a short briefing, the editorial maintenance of the new site can be done efficiently in-house.
In addition, the website meets all the technical and content requirements for successful search engine optimization. This will be continuously developed in the next phase based on a keyword and competition analysis.

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