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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with TYPO3

With more than 500,000 systems installed, TYPO3 is the most used enterprise content management system. The application spectrum of TYPO3 ranges from simple content pages to extensive intranets and mobile applications to complex multichannel solutions. TYPO3 enables customers all over the world to implement applications specially tailored to their business needs.

Modern content management links your company processes

Modern content management is not just displaying static content on the web anymore. Nowadays, CMS are linked with a wide variety of systems such as ERP, PIM, eCommerce, CRM and databases. The data and information from these systems is used to enhance and enrich  content. In addition to pure content, functionalities for user interactions are also offered - from a simple contact form to complete self-service applications. TYPO3 is the best solution for these requirements thanks to its reliable and modern architecture: The software not only enables the perfect display of content, but also forms the ideal basis for a wide range of technical enhancements thanks to the integrated Application Development Framework.

Key features

In today's flood of content and shrinking attention spans, it is becoming increasingly important to offer users good and targeted content. TYPO3 is particularly strong in adaptability, multilingualism, multichannel capability, speed, personalized content, search and findability e.g. with Solr or Elastic Search. The clear separation of content and presentation makes it possible to record and manage the content in a structured and cross-country or cross-departmental manner. In addition, the sophisticated rights and approval system allows control by a wide variety of editorial offices. With the open API, TYPO3 sets no limits.

Headless CMS and multichannel

Digital information and content are no longer been transported exclusively via websites. In addition to the social media channels, apps, online shops, video walls, portals and smart home solutions, other applications need to be filled with your content. For this you need a Content Management System that not only captures and displays your content, but also literally manages it.

TYPO3 is perfectly suited for these goals: It can be operated as a stand-alone CMS or complex headless CMS and serve your entire channels. Due to the high flexibility, there are hardly any limits to the implementation. We are happy to analyze your needs and advise you competently.

Competitive search engine rankings can only be achieved if everything fits: current technology, short loading times and perfectly prepared content. A powerful Enterprise Content Management System like TYPO3 is the right tool for this.

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How to be found and tracking

The flexibility of TYPO3 is the ideal basis for best results in Search Engine Optimization as well as user acceptance. By recording user interactions and using analysis tools, the content can be continuously improved. Good and targeted content is the gold standard in user acceptance and visibility in search engines. Excellent results can be achieved with additional technical measures and optimizations.

Further information: Online tracking – how to know what's going on


Scaling, performance operation and maintenance

The reliability of the processes of your project is the necessary prerequisite for success. Service and maintenance windows no longer exist. The user works with your system around the clock. At the latest when you address an international audience, the following applies: "Somewhere in the world there is always noon". In addition to availability, server locations, security and scalability also play an important role. In particular, projects with peak loads or unexpected visitor crowds must be quickly scalable!

TYPO3 is based on the standard programming language (PHP) on the web. Therefore, you are extremely flexible in the selection of hosting: No matter whether you choose cloud hosting, private cloud, dedicated hosting, CDNs or internal hosting, zdrei.com supports you in planning and deciding on the best solution.

And by the way: zdrei.com accompanied and successfully used the development of the new cloud hosting from Mittwald on the basis of AWS (spaces). Read more about spaces


With TYPO3, we have a system that we can scale up with pinpoint precision for projects with extreme traffic spikes with more than 15,000 accesses per minute.

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Security, stability and legal requirements

As soon as you create business revenue with your system or process personal data, security and system stability are essential success factors. With TYPO3, you are choosing a system that, thanks to its architecture and software design, meets these requirements. Regulatory and internal compliance requirements can be implemented very easily with TYPO3. In addition, zdrei.com works with current development standards and software architectures. The consistent use of Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and code reviews avoid mistakes. Additional team development measures, regular training courses, certifications and conference visits are of course also part of this.

TYPO3 meets all requirements for the "Corporate World"; Vender SLAs are available: TYPO3 SLAs


Engagement in der TYPO3-Community

Die zdrei.com engagiert sich aktiv in der TYPO3-Community, beteiligt sich an der Entwicklung des OpenSource Content Management Systems TYPO3 und trägt so zur kontinuierlichen Weiterentwicklung der Software bei. So nehmen wir nicht nur regelmässig an nationalen und internationalen Events wie TYPO3 Konferenzen, DevDays, Code Sprints und UserGroups teil, sondern steuern durch Sponsoring und Vorträge unseren Teil zum Erfolg dieser Veranstaltungen bei. Unsere Vernetzung in der Community schafft die Voraussetzung, Ihre Wünsche und Anforderungen an das TYPO3-System schnell und flexibel umzusetzen.

** Evolution instead of revolution ** - agile software development

Continuous software development is of course necessary and desirable, but as a result, your project has to be regularly updated and adapted. In the past, it was customary to completely relaunch websites every 5 to 10 years.

This had decisive disadvantages:

  •     Long project times
  •     Outdated appearance before the relaunch
  •     Big investment at one point
  •     Risk of wrong decisions
  •     Great training effort
  •     Migration effort

In contrast, projects are developed evolutionarily today. In the evolutionary development, agile little building blocks are realized step-by-step. At the same time, long-term goals can also be pursued by following a "common thread".

Your advantages are:

  •     The appearance is continuously improving
  •     Users and employees have a fast familiarization phase
  •     The budget is distributed evenly and can be planned
  •     New findings can be flexibly incorporated into the implementation
  •     The appearance is always up to date and modern
  •     New ideas can be prototyped at low cost
  •     Every development step is tightly aligned with current needs

In the fast-paced world, this type of evolutionary development is the State-of-the-Art in the implementation of projects. With TYPO3 and zdrei.com you are well positioned to react quickly and flexibly to changing internal and external requirements.

Obvious economic benefits

With an evolutionary development, the chances for success are clearly on your side. New requirements and ideas can be quickly tested and implemented. The accelerated "Time to Market" immediately creates an innovative lead and makes the decisive difference to your competitors. Due to the regular and predictable small investments, you do not have risky singular cash-out, but a manageable, timely and predictable investment. We pass on the economic advantage of regular cash-in to you through attractive daily rates. Since TYPO3 is an open source software, there are no license fees.

An overview of your advantages:

  • No license fees
  • Fast "time to market"
  • Better predictability
  • Less one time cash out
  • Attractive daily rates
  • Faster return on investment

A strong partner

With zdrei.com you are choosing a strong partner! With over 12 years of experience in the TYPO3 Content Management System, we successfully support companies, corporations and institutions. In doing so, we support our clients in finding solutions for a wide variety of requirements, realizing demanding projects and achieving broad goals. As a partner, we take care of the entire project cycle from planning and development through implementation to continuous support and we feel responsible for your project success.

- About the author -

Timo Poppinga

Timo Poppinga ist Gründungspartner der zdreicom AG und beschäftigt sich seit über 12 Jahren mit neuen Technologien und sauberem Code. Er ist zertifizierter TYPO3-Consultant und -Developer.

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