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TYPO3 upgrade: Why? When? How?

TYPO3 Upgrades


The Enterprise Content Management System TYPO3 is continuously developed and improved. The provision of security updates is guaranteed for the so-called long-term support versions. The security of the framework is constantly monitored and patches are provided by the security team very promptly. This makes TYPO3 one of the most modern and secure frameworks on the market.


The clearly defined and reliable release cycles for all important upgrades make the continuous renewal predictable and TYPO3 thus a solid, future-proof basis for digitalization projects of all kinds. The release cycles of new TYPO3 versions are defined in the TYPO3 Roadmap of the TYPO3 Association.


When implementing a new TYPO3 installation, one should already start to think about future upgrades. In the past, we have taken over installations with up to 40 extensions, which makes upgrades more difficult and, in the case of extensions that have not been further developed, sometimes even impossible. That is why we use core features whenever possible to solve tasks as simply as possible. Where this is not possible, the long-term cost-benefit ratio of own or third-party extensions must be carefully evaluated. Here customers are sometimes left alone. That's why we also offer site reviews for TYPO3 installations. The optimal procedure differs from case to case. Test us in a free first consultation!

Next Level Upgrades

As part of our Continuous Integration strategy, we have developed a new offer for our customers that revolutionizes TYPO3 upgrades: Projects with Continuous Upgrading are not only transferred to the live system via the test and staging server during development, but every change can be made on the upgrade Servers and can be checked against the latest TYPO3 (Beta) version there. When the next stable long-term support version of TYPO3 is released, these projects will for the largest part be compatible already. Then an upgrade is becomes a matter of a simple system switch. The time-consuming adjustments of systems that are lagging an entire LTS release cycle, with their lengthy interruptions when entering content, are eliminated.

Even for projects that are technically outdated - which is unfortunately often the case when we take over projects that we have not built ourselves - there are efficient solutions to bring these installations up to date at low costs. In such cases we like to work with migration scripts. This approach enables uninterrupted transmission in current TYPO3 installations even with completely outdated content management systems that are no longer being developed.

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Sven Wächli

Sven Wächli ist Gründungspartner der zdreicom AG und Geschäftsführer der zdreicom Schweiz GmbH in Zürich. Er ist dipl. Multimedia Producer SAE, arbeitet seit 2008 mit TYPO3 und war in der Lehrlingsausbildung sowie als Prüfungsexperte ICT Schweiz tätig.

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