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TYPO3 – advantages and disadvantages

As a platform for digital content, the Enterprise Content Management system TYPO3 has proven itself in countless projects for many years. As an application framework, TYPO3 can also be expanded very well - practically every task can be tailored to suit business-relevant sites, applications, interfaces and app connections. The wide distribution in German-speaking Europe and an active developer community guarantee the future viability of this high-performance framework.

But as security and state-of-art code standards are taken extremely seriously by the TYPO3 core development team, the framework places some demands on implementation, development, maintenance and support.

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A solid foundation

Customers appreciate about TYPO3 that they receive a solid foundation for the provision of digital content, which is continuously developed and improved without license costs or fees and thus always remains technically up to date.
A real competitive advantage can be achieved with search engine marketing and the digitalization of business processes.

The advantages and disadvantages of TYPO3

The standards that must be met with TYPO3 reliably prevent vendor locking. Projects set up in the TYPO3 framework can be adapted, maintained and, if necessary, adopted by any professional TYPO3 agency. This is usually not the case for individual developments that are not based on a well-structured framework - if the agency is changed, everything often has to be reprogrammed.

Programming in a framework that is uncompromisingly kept up to date with the latest technology does not suit all web agencies and it is not appropriate for every task. Working with the framework requires developers and agencies to be willing to learn, and it also requires discipline and a high degree of professionalism. Tight budgets and tough deadlines keep beginners from having to deal with the comparatively steep TYPO3 learning curve.

So when it comes to implementing simple websites as quickly and cheaply as possible, TYPO3 is not the first choice. We do not recommend TYPO3 for simple websites, without demands on search engine marketing, security, stability, performance and without a development perspective.

On the other hand, when it comes to business-relevant tasks such as demanding sites in a competitive environment, search engine marketing, connections to shops, apps or CRM systems, or digital automation, TYPO3 may be a good choice for you!

- About the author -

Sven Wächli

Sven Wächli ist Gründungspartner der zdreicom AG und Geschäftsführer der zdreicom Schweiz GmbH in Zürich. Er ist dipl. Multimedia Producer SAE, arbeitet seit 2008 mit TYPO3 und war in der Lehrlingsausbildung sowie als Prüfungsexperte ICT Schweiz tätig.

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