Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

The new website is online, the expectations are high. Now, the site should be visited by as many users as possible. But how will users find the new site?

Here, a high quality search engine optimization helps. To achieve good results in the long run, is a challenge. Using the right tools and methods makes it possible. First, it is important to analyze the relevant keywords and optimize them. In addition, current optimization techniques must be implemented and the site has to be continuously monitored and maintained. On this basis, further measures such as Google Ads can be considered.

What many customers don’t know: A search engine optimization entails risks, depending on how it is done. Automated so called ‘dirty tricks’ of dubious providers may result in a permanent lockout of the site from the Google index.

We work exclusively with measures, that are not sanctioned by search engines.

In search engine optimization, the structured presentation of content, as well as continuous updating of the site are important. The content management system TYPO3 is ideally suited for these tasks.