Efficient product data management for your success!

Neckermann, Otto, Quelle - in the economic miracle years, entire families have been looking forward to getting an entire department store into their own four walls with the catalogs of these legendary companies. The creation of such catalogs, sometimes over 1,000 pages long, was a time-consuming and personnel-intensive mammoth project and took months. Based on an efficient PIM system, such a project can be implemented almost “at the push of a button” today.

Efficient product data management has never been as important as today

he challenges to a functioning product data management for a comprehensive product presentation of an international online shop has not changed significantly since the creation of a print catalog in the 1950s. To this day, many companies have problems that product information is scattered in different "drawers" and stored there in different formats and languages. The consequences may include data loss, irritation due to multiple storage, outdated data and, of course, inefficient data handling.

A tailor-made architecture: from import to management to export

With a tailor-made solution from zdrei.com, you can import, bundle, synchronize and optimize technical and advertising product data from a wide variety of sources in order to edit it in the next step via a wide variety of channels.
The architecture of your PIM system is based on three pillars:

1. Data input from different sources:

The data is imported from the supplier portal, from our own databases or other sources and synchronized for central administration.

2. Data preparation, optimization and management:

In the central product data pool, data is classified, supplemented, optimized and prepared for the standardized connection to the respective output channels.

3. Data output for various channels and applications:

Channel management can be used to export and distribute product data for a wide variety of applications, such as online shops, internal or external portals, e-catalogs or for the creation of print products such as catalogs or data sheets.

With zdrei.com you are on the right track right from the start!

zdrei.com supports you in adapting the development and implementation of a PIM system to the specific requirements of your company. This includes interface development with import and export functions and all other connections to CRM, CMS, ERP and shop systems.
In addition to the technical connection, we always keep an eye on the important human-machine interface: We focus on optimal usability in order to reduce the potential for errors to a minimum through a high level of user-friendliness. We accompany you from the first step through the definition of the requirements through development and implementation to continuous upgrading, to adapt your system optimally to changing requirements and technical opportunities in the long term.

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