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Working together for a natural product with a future

As the umbrella organization of the Swiss timber industry, Lignum unites all the important associations and organizations of the timber industry of Switzerland. Stakeholders are esearch institutions, educational and public bodies and companies as well as a large number of architects and engineers.

The association: The Swiss forest and timber industry under one roof

With 80,000 jobs, the forest and timber industry is an important economic factor in Switzerland. As a representative of the interests of the entire industry, Lignum represents all the key players in this segment: from all relevant associations and organizations to public bodies and institutions from research and teaching to companies and a large number of architects and engineers.
The common goal is to focus on wood and the wood industry and to profile it as part of sustainable development.

From publication to interaction: The website is developing into a primary communication channel

As a representative of the entire Swiss timber industry, Lignum is an important contact for company and individual members, investors, planners, research and educational institutions, the media and the public, and not least for politics and authorities.
Until 2008, Lignum mainly communicated via print media: The “Holzbulletin” for example, has been able to establish itself as a permanent working tool in the Swiss construction and architecture scene for more than three decades.
Today, however, the website has become the primary communication channel and, as a platform for news, knowledge transfer and services, is expected to meet more and more requirements.

The mission: Implementation of innovative features on a solid base

After more than ten years of cooperation with, Lignum has an Enterprise Content Management framework (TYPO3 ECMS) that can be continuously expanded and updated with innovative solutions. The news extension and tailor-made in-house extensions enabled a comprehensive and individual press service and the implementation of a logo generator for wooden labels.

Success and prospects: With continuity into the future

The far-reaching user orientation with a large variety of topics and a high quality of content, in combination with the weekly publication of the most important news on the topic of wood, has had an extremely positive effect on search engine rankings and brings a constantly high flow of visitors to the site today.
The many years of cooperation in the development and expansion of digital solutions is maintained with the innovative continuous upgrading from which keeps the platform up to date in terms of technology and SEO.

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